The Lord is Our Righteous King

We have true peace and true comfort, even in this sinful world. We have a true and righteous king who dwells among us for our good, who reigns to our abundant blessing. Today He is with us, and He will remain with us throughout this new year and unto all time. He is our righteousness and our peace, even Jesus Christ our Lord.

Peace the World Cannot Give

Text: John 20:19-31 These last Advent and Lenten seasons we continued our normal practice of midweek services. During those times in the Church year, we pause to focus on the mercy and love of our God toward us. In both seasons we used a service called “Evening Prayer.” It’s a beautiful service, as most wouldContinue reading “Peace the World Cannot Give”

Now I Can Depart in Peace

Text: Luke 2:22-40 RIP. You’ve seen those letters before. If you’ve ever been in a cemetery and seen them on the old gravestones, then you know where this phrase was originally used. Nowadays, we frequently see the letters RIP in obituaries and on Facebook. The three letters are an acronym for Rest in Peace, whichContinue reading “Now I Can Depart in Peace”