The Work of the Holy Spirit

Text: John 16:5-15 Every Sunday that we follow the Divine Service, there’s a portion of the service dedicated to the confession of our Christian faith in the Triune God. Either before the sermon or after, depending on the Setting, we rise to confess our faith using the words of the Apostles’ or Nicene Creeds. OnContinue reading “The Work of the Holy Spirit”

Just a Little While

Text: John 16:16-22 “Just a little while.” That’s what we say to ourselves or to others when we’re caught up in doing something that, maybe, well, we don’t really want to be doing. We say that it’ll just be for “a little while.” Or, if it’s already happening, we might say it’s just for “aContinue reading “Just a Little While”

I Know My Own, They Know Me

Text: John 10:11-16 This last week was Call Week at our seminaries in Fort Wayne and St. Louis. Call Day is the day where our fourth-year seminarians find out where the Lord is sending them to tend His flock. Five years ago, I myself was in that position. We give thanks to God for raisingContinue reading “I Know My Own, They Know Me”

Peace the World Cannot Give

Text: John 20:19-31 These last Advent and Lenten seasons we continued our normal practice of midweek services. During those times in the Church year, we pause to focus on the mercy and love of our God toward us. In both seasons we used a service called “Evening Prayer.” It’s a beautiful service, as most wouldContinue reading “Peace the World Cannot Give”