Blessed in the Kingdom of God

In the Second Petition of the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy Kingdom Come,” we ask that the Lord would grant us His Holy Spirit so that we would believe the Word that is proclaimed to us, and so enter into His blessed feast. Today we give thanks that the Lord has brought us in from the alleys and highways of sin, and we ask that He would continue to grant us His Spirit so that we listen when He calls.

Faith Counted for Righteousness

Text: Genesis 15:1-6 If you could put bright blinking lights into the text of Scripture or somehow change the letters in our Bibles from black to neon yellow, so as to get our attention, our text today would be a wonderful candidate for such treatment. The passage we have today from Genesis is one ofContinue reading “Faith Counted for Righteousness”

The Lord Himself Will Act

We teach, according to the holy and true Word of God, that people cannot be saved based upon our own good works, or anything that is within us. Instead, we are saved freely and purely by God’s grace through faith in Christ, which itself is a work of the Holy Spirit. In other words, our salvation is based entirely upon God’s actions alone.