Lutheran Service Book Daily Lectionary

In the Lutheran Church, we follow a pattern of readings each Sunday. These readings are not chosen at random, but have been selected and organized by the generations of faithful Christians who have gone ahead of us. Some of the readings are difficult, but this challenge is what helps us to grow and be strengthened in the faith.

According to our Lord’s will, it seems that another time to be refined and strengthened is upon us. To help both anchor us and chart our passage through these choppy waters, we at St. John’s and Grace Evangelical Lutheran churches invite you to join for a time of devotion each day at 6 p.m. Central Standard Time. These devotions will be hosted by our pastor over Facebook Live. Simply click this link, or search Facebook for “St. John’s and Grace Evangelical Lutheran Parish” to join in.

There are two items that you may find useful.

  • First, the orders of service we’ll be using are called the short orders of Daily Prayer, which are found in the Lutheran Service Book. Our publishing house has made these available for free. You can download or print these by clicking here.
  • Second, if you should like to participate in our devotions, but are unable to view the video. The readings we’ll use follow what is called the Daily Lectionary, also from the Lutheran Service Book. Simply click the button allow to download or print this resource.

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